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Especially when it means I can return breathless and motivated to share new finds with you all here. Lately, the region of Umbria is one of those areas that for me, just keeps on surprising. Tiny medieval hilltop towns are ominpresent and charming while the crowds seem to stay elsewhere not talking about the Assisi day-trippers.

This is an area known for its rich and hearty cuisine, traditional handicrafts, and long-standing viniculture. Its origins date back as far as BC, Spoleto was later attacked by Hannibal who was apparently repulsed its inhabitants; while the town really came to form in the 6 th century when one of the Dukes of Longobard made it their official residence.

As far as typical Italian towns go, this place definitely has a truly elegant feel; pretty shops and restaurants serve black truffle and red wine from Montefalco can be discovered at any of the wonderful restaurants in the historical center. This is because Spoleto, while friendly and welcoming to tourists, has always chosen to be self-sufficient. So when the call came, Nico and I packed our dusty Fiat and headed in the frigid January air to Umbria.

It was surprisingly easy to reach, only a two hour and half drive from Florence and situated on the main highway. I understood her concern, it was meant to be in the minuses the majority of days we were there, but I was game. Laurie met us in a nearby parking lot off the highway and we drove to the center, luckily their apartments typically come with parking which is a huge relief to us after accumulating more than our fair share of parking tickets in small-town Umbria.

Later a friend who lives in the area reaffirmed that positive, by saying she's always gotten parking tickets in Spoleto. The apartment itself was off one of the main walking drags, Via Porta Fugaa pretty two-bedroom well-heated in anticipation for our arrival and full of books. It was well-outfitted with all of your basic apartment necessities, a full kitchen, coffee machine, washing machine, towels, extra blankets, working Wi-Fi, TV.

Travel Guide to Spoleto, Italy

As soon as I took in our surroundings, we head outside for a quick visit of the city before meeting Norma and Laurie for dinner at one of their favorite local restaurants. After warming up with coffees at a small coffee bar, we walked to the beautiful th century Duomo cathedral S.

Maria Assunta in the winter light]. Both of which are located inside Palazzo Mauri ask to see the frescoes. This brainchild of Andrea Luzzi not just a restaurateur but also a poet, once again, this city never stops surprising me. The wine was of course affordable and heavenly; I fell in love with a bottle of Grechetto Umbrian wine from Colle Sorragani and vowed to find it in Florence. With a full belly and never-ending wine glass, we got to know our hosts a little better.Do you remember what was all around you?

The beautiful fountain source of fresh water both for thirsty tourists and clouds of pigeons alike. In the morning the vegetable vendors with their little truck filled with luscious fresh tomatoes, peaches, plums. Then the tens of restaurants, pizzerias and bars that have come to crown the entire piazza with their little tables and their wooden chairs. The ladies with their shopping bags running from one store to the other.

The kids running after each other, riding their bikes and filling their mouths with a piece of pastry or some ice cream.

Well, everything is still there…with the exception of the people. The beauty of the place is still stunning, the shining sunlight still covers a golden patina on all of those beautiful buildings.

However, the noise is gone and so is the energy, the vitality that was so much a part of the landscape. What is happening in Piazza del Mercato is no different than what is happening all over town. Piazza Duomo is empty, the Corso has seen more and more shops close because there is no business and lastly the increasing amount of families who now have a terrible time putting food on their table. Still there is hope.

Italian people are resilient and in this case, they have behaved really well.

blog spoleto

Our biggest surprise was visiting the convent. No students, no pilgrims, no visitors. But the garden….! Not having anything else to do besides praying, the nuns dedicated all their free time to their garden!

Melons, flowers, lettuce, grapes, it is stunning! A speck of light in a world of grayness and frustration. Spoleto Study Abroad is eager to once again share the beauty of central Italy through an immersive experience for students of all ages as soon as it is safe to do so.

We cannot wait for you to help fill the streets with life again! This summer, for the first time since our start, the streets are a bit quieter. But on the other hand, the silence is loud. Many families now struggle to buy food to last them through the end of the week, and our hearts hurt for them as we seek ways we can help out. The beauty in the landscape here is still as breathtaking as ever.

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We wish you were here to see it! As the country that was seen to be hit the hardest at the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Italians are showing us a glimmer of hope that we can all breathe a breath of fresh air soon. Life is slowly moving toward a new normal here and it leaves us with a sense that we will all get through this. Put your phone and devices away for the day and see where your mind takes you. To disconnect from technology is to allow yourself the space to observe yourself and the world around you.

Give yourself the time to lean into the new headspace and creativity that can come from disconnecting. Sit outside and look closely at the tiny details that surround you.

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blog spoleto

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Facebook fans 6. Bristol, England, United Kingdom About Blog Life, style, travel and festival blog with advice from festival adventures all over the world. Ireland About Blog Listowel Writers' Week is an internationally acclaimed literary festival devoted to bringing together writers and audiences at unique and innovative events in the historic and intimate surroundings of Listowel County Kerry.Spoleto is a walled medieval hill town in central Italy's Umbria region.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, the lower parts of its wall are from the 6th century BC. The first Roman settlement, Spoletiumbegan in BC and there are Roman remnants throughout the historic center. The town is built on a hillside with most of the sites in the compact upper town. Above the town is a medieval Rocca and spanning the deep gorge to one side of the Rocca is the most famous sight, Ponte delle Torri or Bridge of Towers.

Spoleto is one of the largest towns in southern Umbria. It's about an hour southeast of Perugia, Umbria's principal city, about 90 minutes east of Orvieto and the A1 autostrada.

There are several parking lots outside the walls from where you can walk into the center. If you're driving, be careful of restricted traffic zones in the center.

blog spoleto

Spoleto is on the Rome - Ancona train line and the train station is about 1 km from the lower town. You can walk or take a bus that connects the station to the upper part of town. The town is also connected by bus to other towns in Umbria.

Two highly rated 4-star hotels are Palazzo Dragoni Residenza d'Epoca near the cathedral and Hotel San Luca on the edge of town near the amphitheater. See more Spoleto hotels on Hipmunk.


There are excellent restaurants in town so it makes a good base for exploring southern Umbria towns such as AssisiOrvietoand Todi. Country houses, such as Valle Rosa, and agriturismo accommodations are available outside of town, too. The main tourist office is in Piazza della Libertaa large square in the upper town.

Next to the tourist office is an office that makes hotel reservations. Spoleto hosts the famed Festival dei 2 Mondian international festival of music, art, and performances that runs from late June through mid-July each year.

Written by. Martha Bakerjian. Martha Bakerjian is an Italian travel expert who uses her home in northern Tuscany as a base for her in-depth explorations of the country. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Share Pin Email.

Was this page helpful?Bella Umbria suggests you things to do, places to visit and things to eat in this charming Umbrian City. Ancient capital of the Lombard dukes Spoleto will leave you breathless. In a postcard addressed to his wife Herman Hesse wrote: "Spoleto is the most beautiful discovery I made in Italy [ Distinguished record of the presence of popes and governors in Spoleto the Fortress, surrounded by a high perimeter walls alternating system of six square towers, is the symbol of the city and is divided into two distinct areas: the main courtyard, with the National Museum of the Duchy and a multipurpose space for exhibitions, concerts and conferences, and the Courtyard of arms, with an outdoor theater.

Check it out now of the best hotels in Spoleto Italy. This bridge is impressive and unique: meters long and 82 high, seems to have been built between the thirteenth and the following century, after the sacking of Spoleto by Barbarossa.

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Check it out now of the best farmhouses in Spoleto. One of the best things to do in Spoleto in without doubt soak up the atmosphere of the Roman Empire visiting the Roman theater first century AD. Going beyond the Arch, you will be on Fontesecca Street, before arriving at the Market Square, turn your gaze to the left until you reach the entrance of Palazzo Leti Sensi it was the Palazzo del Podesta, then historical headquarters of the Consortium of Reclamation Umbra, now used for exhibitions.

Perhaps you didn't know that Click and Consult them immediately. One of the best things to do in Spoleto in a day is the walk around Rocca Albornoz from which you can admire the marvellous valley of Spoleto and the Cathedral. A real tribute to art in all its forms! Take a stop in a typical restaurant to taste some local specialties!

We suggest you what to eat in Spoleto. As dessert taste "crescionda", a typical cake made with eggs, flour, chocolate, macaroons and mistral. Spoleto: Things To Do. Things to do in Spoleto One of the best things to do in Spoleto in without doubt soak up the atmosphere of the Roman Empire visiting the Roman theater first century AD.

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Spoleto: Things To Do

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