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Login Register Remember me Lost Password? Cyb3rc0bra Registered Gold. One Year of Service. Reputation: Currency: NSP. Bob refunding ebookAM 1. Eight Years of Service. Currency: 13, NSP. RE: Bob refunding ebookAM 2. I've had the eBook for quite a while, and my thoughts on the methods have been clearly expressed In the Social Engineering forum. Thanks also for the direct link. RE: Bob refunding ebookAM 3. You're welcome.

I hope it will be useful for the SE community. This post was last modified:AM by Cyb3rc0bra. Pangolinmorsels Junior Member. Reputation: 0. Currency: 1 NSP. RE: Bob refunding ebookPM 4. Thank you very much for this. RE: Bob refunding ebookAM 5. Welcome aboard. If you have any questions or concerns, simply shoot me a PM. Back on-topic. Currency: 41 NSP. RE: Bob refunding ebookAM 6. RE: Bob refunding ebookAM 7. You'll find that most methods are quite flawed, and have a lot of room for error.

RE: Bob refunding ebookPM 8. But it's a starters too. Most of refunders or people do such service on money making wouldn't give away their own methods. RE: Bob refunding ebookPM 9. It's Informative to those new to SEing, but as mentioned, contains a lot of flaws and certainly needs Improving.

Have a read and see what you think. Author Message.I want to be able to issue refunds when stuff like this happens. It might not even have been my fault. Pretty sure people do those steps regardless of whether or not a refund feature is implemented. Developers should be able to use their own discretion when issuing refunds.

Roblox should just allow them to do it. If the developer is the one issuing the refunds then it can just come out of their robux balance, no need to require it to come from pending sales. But I would disagree with having no expiration on that. Yeah my post came off wrong, meant to suggest that since there is already a system in place for issuing refunds under certain circumstances, developers should be able to use the same principle to issue refunds on their own.

My suggestion is for a developer-end refunding feature. A feature for filing refund requests makes it too easy to go around grabbing for money. The user should have to message the developer, the developer should be able to decide whatever they want, and then the developer should be able to use an official roblox feature to issue the refund.

How could a developer possibly use a refund feature maliciously? Except youre not paying someone, youre giving them a refund before roblox grants the develop money due to the 3 day holding period. It could be a one time request per product. So no limit of refunding for the developers. Or would be any refunds issued to a player who purchased a product and has owned it for more than 3 days will deduct the Robux from your account?

Good thing to do but bugs can happen separately from ProcessReceipt e.

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I agree that there should be no limitations. Well I mean, the real solution is to just design a perfect bug-free system. Why do we even have dev stats? Just make the perfect game the first time, you know? Test disconnection scenarios or server crashes during purchases. Log receipts so you can check if the person Is lying or not. That way if your code fails the player will get his money back.

Ability to refund purchases Platform Feedback Website Features. The ability to search for purchases is needed for this too. Sarcasm noted, but it really is something you should be careful about.This service will be unavailable on Monday, October 12,due to planned maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience. Apply Online Now. We recommend employers download these publications from IRS. We cannot process your application online if the responsible party is an entity with an EIN previously obtained through the Internet.

Please use one of our other methods to apply. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Employer Identification Numbers are issued for the purpose of tax administration and are not intended for participation in any other activities e. If you believe your organization qualifies for tax exempt status whether or not you have a requirement to apply for a formal rulingbe sure your organization is formed legally before you apply for an EIN.

Nearly all organizations exempt under IRC a are subject to automatic revocation of their tax-exempt status if they fail to file a required annual information return or notice for three consecutive years. Your first tax period would end on December 31,and your first return or notice if your organization does not meet one of the few exceptions to the annual reporting requirement would be due May 15, More In File.

Planned Outage: October 12, This service will be unavailable on Monday, October 12,due to planned maintenance. Hours of Operation Monday to Friday, 7 a. Employer ID Numbers. System Requirements. Businesses with Employees. Page Last Reviewed or Updated: OctThis document provides the policy requirements for ensuing the confidentiality of FTI is maintained by agencies that utilize IES.

Integrated Eligibility Systems IES present opportunities for agencies to provide a convenience to clients as well as replace legacy agency systems. An IES utilizes an efficient single point of entry that will allow seamless eligibility processing for applicants requesting assistance. The system generally supports eligibility for:.

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Access to certain federal tax information FTI by contractors or by multiple agencies within the same application is generally prohibited. The following guidelines must be followed. State information technology IT officials are generally engaging contractors to design, develop and implement these integrated systems.

IES may contain FTI received under various code authorities from multiple agencies within the one system. FTI can only be used for the purpose it was provided to the agency under the code authority it was provided.

Additionally, information must be segregated so only the authorized individuals have access to the FTI obtained from their perspective code authority. Due to the security implications, higher risk of unauthorized disclosure and potential for unauthorized use of FTI based on specific activities conducted, the Office of Safeguards requires advanced notification 45 days prior to implementing certain operations or technology capabilities that require additional uses of the FTI.

All agencies intending to re-disclose FTI to contractors must notify the IRS at least 45 days prior to the planned re-disclosure. Contractors consist of, but are not limited to:. The contractor notification requirement also applies when the contractor hires additional subcontractor services. Approval is required if the prime contractor hires additional subcontractor services in accordance with Exhibit 6, Contractor Day Notification Procedures. Agencies must ensure that contractor access to systems that receive, process, store or transmit FTI is restricted.

This distinction should be made at an agency level after determination of whether contractors can access FTI. Contractor access to systems for the purposes of development and deployment must also be restricted where FTI is determined to be in use. In this event, specific timeframes for contractor access must be listed on the Day Notification which will be agreed upon by the agency and the Office of Safeguards. The agency must implement encryption as a barrier to contractors and the agency must retain the encryption keys.

The only FTI access administrators would have with these methods in place is delete only access. This written agreement for services must be documented and included with the 45 Day Notification request. A product does not meet the FIPS requirements by simply implementing an approved security function.

Only modules tested and validated to FIPS meet the applicability requirements for cryptographic modules to protect sensitive information. NIST maintains a list of validated cryptographic modules on its website.

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Agency personnel can only have access to FTI provided under the code authority to their agency. FTI is not permitted to be shared among agencies nor re-disclosed to other agencies.

Steps must be taken to ensure FTI contained within an IES are segregated by agency for both back end database and front end application access.Skip navigation. The FTC enforces consumer protection laws to stop illegal business practices and get refunds to people who lost money.

The chart below includes recent FTC cases that resulted in refunds. For statistics about where refunds were sent, the dollar amounts refunded, and the number of people who benefited from FTC refund programs, visit our interactive dashboards. You are here. Will I get all my money back? How long will it take? Can I speak to someone about my claim form or check? What should I do if I am not satisfied with something I buy?

Title: Tatto, Inc. I Would Like To Stay Connected with the FTC. Title: Health Research Refunds.

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Date: October Title: Isoprex Refunds. Date: September Title: Western Union Refunds. Contact Info: Contact Info: Epiq Systems. Title: StimTein Refunds. Title: LeanSpa Refunds. Contact Info: Rust Consulting, Inc. Title: Neurometrix Quell Refunds.

Title: Global Processing Solutions Refunds. Date: August Title: Pointbreak Media Refunds. Title: Sage Auto Group Refunds. Title: Suboxone Settlement Products: Suboxone film. Date: July Title: Corporate Compliance Services Refunds.

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Title: Helping America Group Refunds. Title: Effen Ads Refunds. Date: June Title: Commerce Planet Refunds. Title: Triangle Media Refunds Products: dietary supplements, skin creams, e-cigarettes. Title: Coaching Department Refunds. Title: Lights of America Refunds. Date: May Kline (TMFDankline) Sep 7, 2017 at 9:35AM Discounting is expected to be a theme. Image source: Getty Images. Kline (TMFDankline) Article Info googletag. UFC 218 predictions by Luca Fury.

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UFC Fight Night 122 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fight Night 121 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fight Night 120 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC 217 predictions by Luca Fury.

UFC Fight Night 118 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC 216 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC 215 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fight Night Rotterdam predictions by Luca Fury. Mayweather vs McGregor predictions by Luca Fury.

UFC 214 predictions by Luca Fury. Fury breaks down the main event and gives his Weidman vs Gastelum predictions. Read more 16 days ago 2638 by Luca Fury UFC Fight Night 122 predictions by Luca Fury. Read more 22 days ago 2547 by Luca Fury UFC Fight Night 121 predictions by Luca Fury.

Read more 27 days ago 2519 by Luca Fury UFC Fight Night 120 predictions by Luca Fury. Read more November 4, 2017 2394 by Luca Fury UFC 217 predictions by Luca Fury. Read more October 19, 2017 2231 by Luca Fury UFC Fight Night 118 predictions by Luca Fury.

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Read more October 4, 2017 2162 by Luca Fury UFC 216 predictions by Luca Fury. Read more September 9, 2017 2039 by Luca Fury UFC 215 predictions by Luca Fury. Read more September 1, 2017 1942 by Luca Fury UFC Fight Night Rotterdam predictions by Luca Fury.

Read more August 26, 2017 1783 by Luca Fury Mayweather vs McGregor predictions by Luca Fury. Read more July 28, 2017 1821 by Luca Fury UFC 214 predictions by Luca Fury. UFC Fresno: Swanson vs Ortega betting tips. Simple step-by-step instructions for how to sign up for the Fury's Fight Picks Premium betting service. Real customers, real opinions.

Protecting Federal Tax Information (FTI) In Integrated Eligibility Systems (IES)

See what Fury's Fight Picks Premium members have to say about the service. Looking ahead, even one year, can be very tricky. Last year we predicted EVs and PHEVs in China to continue their boom. Pure electric car sales were the bulk of that volume with 208. We also predicted two disappointments for 2016: DS and Volkswagen. VW has launched 3 new nameplates in 2016: the Sportsvan has outsold its rival BMW 2-Series by almost 3-to-1, the Phideon is more of an image booster than a volume model at 800 monthly sales, but the C-Trek is the most promising with 5.

The American SUV brand could easily have been mentioned among our success stories of 2016, as it has sold well over 100. That puts the brand ahead of Cadillac, which did get a mention as one of the most successful brands in China last year. But the reason for holding off and predicting even more success for Jeep in 2017 is the launch of the new generation Compass early this year.

The previous generation Compass (and Patriot) have been the best selling import models in China, and starting local production will only add to that success.

Absolutely, but not irrealistic.Rigondeaux has also proven susceptible to flash knockdowns at both 118 and 122 pounds.

Speed: It's going to be fun finding out exactly who has the edge. While Rigondeaux is naturally smaller and has long relied on a lightning quick counter left hand, he's also 37 and has been a victim of inactivity. Lomachenko, meanwhile, appeared to shock featherweight Gary Russell Jr. Technique: Just how good are these two from a technical standpoint.

Let it be known, from now until the end of their respective careers, that this is the only time either one will enter a fight without owning a dominant advantage in this category. That's what makes this fight unique to any other. Defense: Part of what makes this matchup so fun is that both are polar opposites in terms of their natural inclinations. Lomachenko is a flashy offensive whiz who uses footwork and awkward angles to break opponents down. Rigondeaux is more comfortable avoiding punches and exposing his opponent than necessarily making him pay.

Like his contemporary Floyd Mayweather, "El Chacal" is in the conversation among the greatest defensive fighters who have ever laced up gloves. Intangibles: Lomachenko is in the midst of his physical prime at 29 and has been both active and ambitious in his short career, having fought for a world title in his second pro bout.

Rigondeaux is a different story. In fact, there are more things going against him than for him in this fight, including age and weight. As someone who identifies more as an in-ring artist than prizefighter, Rigondeaux's brilliance doesn't always lend itself to easy translation (and appreciation) by judges. Lomachenko has promised to walk through Rigondeaux "like a tank" and knock him out. While the bold proclamation births the potential for entertainment, it also threatens to summon a dangerous version of Rigondeaux only seen the rare times opponents have forced it out of him through pressure.

What should decide early what kind of fight this turns out to be is just how much the difference in size ends up playing a factor. If Rigondeaux is able to make Lomachenko pay for closing distance without without being defied dramatically by age and his own chin, this one has all the makings to be high-speed chess at its finest.

Lomachenko isn't big for 130 pounds and doesn't employ a style (similar to how Orlando Salido leaned on him in his lone pro defeat) where the extra weight will make much of a difference. Should Rigondeaux survive the early rounds, it will be interesting to see which boxer is forced to alter his style first and make an adjustment. It's a scenario that will be predicated upon who wins the early battle of hand and foot speed to control pace and distance.

Rigondeaux has been a maddening fighter to watch because of how pedestrian he can look when opponents are unwilling (or unable) to bring out his best. For every flash knockdown he has suffered through a lapse in concentration while coasting on the scorecards, Rigondeaux has equally dazzled when pushed (think the opening rounds against Donaire) to remind just how absurdly talented he is. It's because of that feast-or-famine style as a purveyor of the Cuban school of boxing, doubled down by inactivity and marginal competition, that Rigondeaux is so polarizing as an equally under and overrated figure.

The fact is, we don't quite know how good he still is or his true ceiling. What makes that dangerous is that neither does Lomachenko. A lot of what this fight will look like is dependent upon whether Rigondeaux can still be the guy he was against Donaire in 2013.

If he can force Lomachenko to lower his output with pinpoint counter shots, both the pace and entertainment level will diminish, thus playing into his hands. But what happens if he can't. What happens if Rigondeaux is so flummoxed by Lomachenko's speed and angles that he's forced, for the first time in his pro career, to be anything but a frontrunner.

That's where the danger zone lies for a fighter who has never had a rock-solid chin and is seemingly more inclined to throw less punches as a form of survival than throw more as a means to rally.


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